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Ortho K

You may have heard your friends talking about how great it is to be able to see without the aid of contacts or glasses throughout the day. It can be a concern that you’re going to lose contact at a critical moment. Maybe you just don’t like how you look in glasses, or how they feel. On the other hand, the idea of laser surgery on your eye can also hold many people back.

However, Ortho K or orthokeratology offers you the best of both worlds. You can see clearly during the day without having to wear prescription lenses, and you don’t have to undergo a surgery that reshapes your eye.

Ortho K is a system that allows patients to wear a prescription rigid gas permeable contact lens at night while they sleep. This contact helps to shape the front of the eye, specifically the cornea, into the proper shape. When you wake up, simply take out the contacts, and you can see clearly throughout the day.

What Are Ortho K Lenses Used to Treat?

Ortho K lenses are primarily used to treat myopia or nearsightedness. However, they can also be used for astigmatism and hyperopia. In some cases, your doctor may recommend Ortho K lenses to help treat presbyopia. These lenses are also very popular to use with children. They are safe for their use and have been shown to help slow the progression of myopia.

How Long Does the Effect Last?

Ortho K lenses are designed to be worn every night, and this offers patients the best results. People can generally see just fine for a day, and even two days before they notice that their vision begins to deteriorate. Other patients find that they can go even longer before they need to wear their lenses again. Patients with the highest success rates and the least issues find that wearing them daily helps to create a routine.

Who Can Use Ortho K?

Fortunately, because Ortho K is safe for use in kids and adults, just about anybody who has mild to moderate hyperopia can benefit from the lenses. Additionally, there is no permanent change to the eye. So, if you decide that you want to try them out, but end up not liking them, you can wait for the eye to normalize, and then continue to wear contacts or glasses.

What to Expect

While Ortho K cannot claim to completely correct everybody’s vision problems, the success rates are very high. The ability to legally drive without corrective lenses is usually measured by having a 20/40 vision or better. 93 percent of patients who use Ortho K lenses have at least 20/32 vision, and 67 percent had 20/20 vision or better.

How Long Does It Take?

Many patients, especially those with more minor vision issues, will notice significant changes after just a day or two. Patients who have a higher prescription can take as long as two weeks to realize their best vision. During the time that the eye is changing, many patients report seeing some blurriness and halos, but this can often correct once the maximum effect is achieved.

One of the most critical factors to the success of your lenses is ensuring that you wear them regularly. Rigid lenses can be uncomfortable for many patients, but this gets easier very quickly. Additionally, because you are only sleeping with them in, you can put them in and go straight to bed.


If you are considering your options for vision correction and want to know more about Ortho K, call Claremore Eye Associates in Claremore, OK today to schedule a consultation (918) 341-8211. Our staff can get you up to speed to make the best decision for your life.

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