How Often Do I Need to Update My Eyeglass Prescription?

When you first get your eyeglasses, the change in visual quality is one of the most impressive things you will ever experience. This is the same for many people, especially because when you first get your glasses, you have no idea what clear vision looks or feels like. 


And for many people, renewing their prescription or getting new glasses can feel unnecessary. They can see just fine, right? While you may think that you are seeing just as fine as the first time, chances are that your prescription has changed. You may need to update your eyeglass prescription for two reasons: your prescription is due, or your eyeglasses have worn out. 


What Are the Side Effects of Old Prescriptions?


Wearing incorrect prescriptions will harm your vision more than help you. Unfortunately, eyesight continues to worsen with age. This applies to people with vision issues and those without. 


The changes are more serious for people who need glasses. If you have noticed slight changes in your visual acuity or are straining to see, it is a sign that you need a new pair. 


Other than eyestrain when using old prescriptions, you may have double vision. Another critical symptom that you need glasses is feeling relaxed or relieved to take your glasses off. When your glasses have become a burden more than a helpful tool, you may need to visit the eye doctor. 


What Do Eye Doctors Recommend?


The American Optometric Association found that your vision remains almost the same between the ages of 19 to 40. While this is true for many people, you must get checked often to ensure your prescription has stayed the same.

Eye doctors recommend a vision exam annually for patients who have vision issues or who are using eyeglasses. The eye exam you may get annually will help the eye doctor track your eye health. They will also update your lenses if you need a new prescription.


Signs You Need a New Pair of Glasses


Other than an outdated prescription, there are other signs that you may need a new pair of glasses. 


Wear and Tear

Your eyes may require the same prescription, but your eyeglasses may have experienced wear and tear. Wear can compromise the integrity of the frames, making them unstable or awkward looking when you put them on. It can make your vision blurry or distorted when it affects the lenses. While you can get special coatings on your lenses, such as antireflective or anti-scratch, they fade over time. 


Tech Improvements


While this is not a critical motivator for getting a new pair of glasses, it is still a good reason. Technology advances daily, giving you more exciting lens features, such as UV-coated glasses. You could also prefer progressive lenses to bifocals because of their smooth transitions. 


Fashion and Comfort


You may have also decided to include eyeglasses in your fashion or wardrobe. You can now get designer frames from big brands like Gucci and others to accessorize your outfits. Different designs give off a different vibe, depending on what you want.


For more on how often you need to update your eyeglass prescription, contact Claremore Eye Associates at our office in Claremore, Oklahoma. Call (918) 233-3319​​​​​​​ to book an appointment today.

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